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Team Manager – Lesson 8 - Lineup Exchange and Export
     - Lineup Exchange 2
Once you complete your entries you will want to export them to a CD or flash drive for exchange with your opponent. Select File/Export Meet Entries and make sure that the Export Relays box is checked and that you have selected the correct meet for export. In addition you should also export your team roster by selecting File/Export Athletes/Teams to allow the computer operator to have all swimmers from your team in the computer even if they are not entered in the meet.

For the lineup exchange you must create 4 pieces of information, the export of the meet entry file, the export of the full team roster, printouts (or PDF files) of the entries sorted by name, and printouts (or PDF files) of the entries sorted by event number.

Teams may elect to exchange lineups via e mail. Both teams must agree to this process if it is to be done. If they do not agree to do so then an in person exchange must take place. If teams do agree to exchange via e mail then the following things must take place:

  1. Teams must exchange e mails inside of an agreed upon 5 minute window. It is strongly advised that teams be on the phone with each other when the e mail exchange takes place to ensure each team received all the files needed for the exchange.
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