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Team Manager – Lesson 8 - Lineup Exchange and Export
     - Exporting Entries and Rosters
  1. Teams must include an export of their meet entries, an export of their team roster and a PDF Meet Entry Report.
  2. Selecting Reports/ Performance/ Meet Entries creates the MS Word Meet Entry Report. This should be Sorted By – Meet event number; Event Filters should be Individual and Relays; Be sure that the correct meet is selected in the Meet pull-down box. Once you have selected these items select Create Report. This will create the report for you to printout for your use. From there select the icon with the diskette. In the Format pull-down box scroll to and select Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF or Word for Windows to create a Microsoft Word file. The Destination should be Disk File. Once these are selected click OK and select the drive and folder you want to save the file to and name the file in the File Name box something unique that identifies the meet. A suggestion would be the team abbreviations of the 2 teams and the year; for example bwhvshwst2011.

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