Atlanta Swim Association - Online Hy-Tek Swimming Software Training
Team Manager – Lesson 6 - Completing Your Meet Entries
     - Entering Swimmers Into the Meet
  1. When you want to enter your entries into the computer select Entries (by Event) from the Meets menu to perform this task.
  2. When doing the entries click on the event you want to enter swimmers for.
  3. For relay events click New Relay to add a relay, make sure the Ent box has a check mark in it for that relay and be sure to enter a heat and lane for that relay so that they will be slotted into the lane you want them to swim in. To place swimmers onto a relay select the relay you want to place swimmers on and then drag and drop the swimmers into the slots under the Swimmers column in the order you want them to swim.
  4. For the individual events select the swimmer you want to enter in that event and click the Ent box for that swimmer so that a check mark appears in that column. You do not need to check the Exh box for your exhibition swimmers, the meet setup will account for this. You must enter the heat and lane assignment for that swimmer in the Ht and LN box so they can be placed in a lane for that event.

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