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Team Manager – Lesson 3 - Thriva and Adding your swimmers
     - Inactive Swimmers
  1. To import your swimmers from your online registration by selecting File – Import –Team Registration Online. From there input your team’s username and password, and select a date range from Jan 1 of the current year to today’s date, and then select Download Team SIGNUP. This should prompt a box showing your team, select the second team listed (the one on the bottom). Select Download Team SIGNUP again. This will prompt a screen with your team’s roster that will allow you to view the info you are importing, edit any info you want to change before import and de-select any athletes you don’t want to import. Select your team under “Assign New Athletes to Team” and then select Import Selected Athletes.
  2. To view your team’s current registration online go to and input your username and password. Once there use the filters on the left side of the screen to view just this year’s information. Under current filters select the pulldown screen and select Seasons and then 2011 Summer Swim Season. Once that is done click on Apply Filter above that and that will allow all the reports and things you pull up to reflect just this year's registration info.

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