Atlanta Swim Association - Online Hy-Tek Swimming Software Training
Meet Manager – Lesson 6 - Importing Meet Entries
     - Importing Rosters
  1. Use the File tab to import entries and select Import/Entries.
  2. The file to import will follow the format TeamAbbv-GA-Entries00x. Select that file and follow the steps from there
  3. Once you are done importing go to the Run menu to see that the entries were imported and match the printout that you have.
  4. Once you have both teams' entries in the computer use the Adjust button in the Run menu to consolidate exhibition heats. DO NOT CONSOLIDATE HEATS WITHOUT PROVIDING THE OTHER TEAM A COPY OF THE MEET FILE IN TIME TO NOTIFY THEIR SWIMMERS OF THE CHANGES.
  5. Do not seed the entries when you are done. By placing swimmers into the lanes you have already seeded the swimmers. Using the seeding function will completely destroy all the lane placements you have already done.

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