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Meet Manager – Lesson 17 - Other Issues
     - Converting Reports to Other Formats
  1. Save time by restoring a “template meet”. This template includes all of the meet setup information, scoring info and so forth. However it does not include entries or results. You can set up all of your meets prior to the season. Open a new file for a new meet and after you go through the initial setup menu of the meet use the Restore function under File (Select “Replace currently open database in…) to place the template info into the file. Select the file Swmm2BkupNEWMEET-01 and double click that file and follow the prompts from there. All you will need to do once you have restored the template file is update the date of the meet and the opponent. You can the import your team’s entries or roster and go from there.
  2. Once you have this meet in your system you can use the Save As feature to set up your remaining meets. Save as is found under File. Select this feature and simply rename your meet. All you will need to do from there is go in and change the meet date, location, opponent and number of lanes.
  3. For the lineup swap you should provide a hard copy of your entries as well as the meet file and roster file in order to avoid any questions about what your entries are.
  4. Global changes under Setup/Options will allow you to change the number of lanes for a meet, the heat order for all events for a meet, and the entry fees for a meet.
  5. If you are the home team be sure to import the other team’s entries into the computer the night before the meet so you can e mail them a backup of the meet for their own use for heat sheets, entry lists, updated lane assignments for consolidated exhibition heats.

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