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Meet Manager – Lesson 9 - Entering Your Swimmers or Adjusting Your Entries Once They have been Imported
     - Entry Adjustment or Additions

Use the Run Tab to view Event List. Select the event you want to do entries for.

  1. Use the adjust button to do your entries for each event. You will also use the adjust button to make substitutions prior to the meet start.
  2. Use Add Heats Button to add additional heats as needed. If you add too many that is OK, use the Delete Empty Heats to correct the problem.
  3. DO NOT click on the Exh. box for exhibition swimmers in heats 2 and above. The computer will automatically set those swimmers up to not score points based on the scoring setup. Clicking on the Exh. box will prevent those swimmers from receiving award labels. The Exh box should only be checked if an exhibition swimmer is competing in the first heat (most likely in lane 5).
  4. Click on Show Eligible Athletes to get a list of swimmers to select from.
  5. Drag swimmers to the heat and lane you want them to swim in. In the scoring heats the home team is in the even lanes and the visitor is in the odd lanes.
  6. Double Click on a swimmer to remove them from the heat.
  8. Do not seed the entries when you are done. By placing swimmers into the lanes you have already seeded the swimmers. Using the seeding function will destroy all the lane placements you have already done.

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