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Meet Manager – Lesson 1 - Dual Meet Setup
     - Save As Changing Meet Setup
Use this feature to save the meet to a hard drive or external device. This feature saves the meet and all of its settings and entries and results and allows you to transfer the meet from one computer to another. To back up a meet select File and Backup and it will allow you to save that file on an external drive or on your hard drive. To load the backed up meet you can select File/Restore and it will load the backup file you select into the currently open database. Make sure that you are loading the backup file you want onto the database you want and not onto a meet you do not want to overwrite. When you select restore you want to select “Replace currently open database…” and click OK. The computer will ask you several times if you are sure that you want to overwrite the currently open database; make sure that is what you want to do and then click OK.

To set up your meets for the year use the league template meet backup file. For meets in yard pools the file is called If your meet is in a metric pool use the file named This file can be found at you can select the file you need on the left side of that screen.

Once you have set up your first meet you can use the Save As feature to set up the rest of your meets. This will only work on a database that does not have any entries, rosters or results in it. This is found under File and then Save As. You can then rename the database you have open and then go change the meet details using the instructions listed below.

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