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Meet Manager – Lesson 14 - Working at the Meet
     - Individual Event Result Report

Try to set up somewhere away from the crowd. Have some shade for you and the computer. Have someone that can get you what you need when you need it so you can focus on the computer and your job. Share the workload and share the information. Throughout the meet periodically use the File/Backup feature to save the meet to a disk or your hard drive. I suggest using a disk in the event that the laptop crashes. If the disk is in the floppy drive the backup feature will automatically save the file to the floppy disk when you back the meet up.

  1. Click on the event you want to work on, click on the heat you want to work on.
  2. Enter the times for the event first; it will automatically place the swimmers.
  3. If a swimmer is disqualified from that race, either enter DQ into the time column or click on the DQ box for that swimmer.
  4. If a swimmer is entered into that lane and does not swim then enter NS for that swimmer’s time.
  5. Review the places against the place judge’s decision, if they agree then move on to the next heat or event.
  6. If the judges disagree with the times use the judge’s decision button to make the correction. You will only need to correct the places that are in conflict. To change the places for the scoring heat only, be sure to adjust the places in the JD Pl Column and the JD Heat Pl column. For exhibition heats you will only need to adjust the places in the JD Heat Pl column.
  7. Once you are done with all the heats in an event the click on the SCORE EVENT button. This will prompt you to the results for the event, which will allow you to see the final results for the event and the current score. Click on the printer tab.
  8. Print 2 copies. One for you one for the visitor.
  9. If you correct an event after you have scored it be sure to click on Re-Score.
  10. You can print labels at any time. I suggest printing in batches to save labels. Select Labels/Award Labels to create the labels. Select Award Type by Heat in order to generate labels for each heat separately. Use the team filter to print one set of labels for one team and then another set of labels for the other team.

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