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Meet Manager – Lesson 12 - Meet Program Report to generate the Heat Sheet
     - Meet Reports
  1. You can look at One, Two, or Three Columns; One Team only, Particular Events, and so on and so forth. You can also select one event per page for workers.
  2. Use three column Meet Programs to sell and for coaches.
  3. Print updated copies including all substitutions on colored paper (I suggest printing 10 copies, time permitting, for the referee, coaches, deck managers and bullpen workers.)

Create Lane/Timer Sheets Report for your timers.
- Print continuous singe column form.

Create Lane/Timer Sheets Report for your judges.
- Print UK Judges Placing sheet format to create these. When you are done cut the sheets in half to have one form per race in order to speed up the flow of paperwork.

Use Entry List Report to show swimmers what they are swimming.
a. Show relays + individual events and sort by age.
b. Include heat and lane in information.

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