Atlanta Swim Association - Online Hy-Tek Swimming Software Training
Meet Manager – Lesson 1 - Dual Meet Setup
     - Meet Setup Screen Changing Meet Info
  1. Name Meet Visiting Team at Home Team (Year)
  2. Location, Start Date, End Date.
  3. ID Format is USS
  4. Class is Age Group
  5. Pool Size/Number of Lanes, Course, Meet Style Standard
  6. *If you have to change the number of lanes for your meet you will need to select Setup/Options/Global Changes and then Change number of lanes for all Finals Rounds.
  7. * If you change the course of the meet from yards to meters or vice versa you must also change the pool course under Events/Sessions and select the correct course once you have double clicked on the Dual Meet session in the session list.
  8. Age up date is 06/01/2011

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